Canada Permanent Resident Visa(Canada PR Visa)

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Canada Express Entry Eligibility Point System
Canada Demographics

  • Capital: Ottawa
  • Dialing code: +1
  • Currency: Canadian dollar $
  • Population: 3.71 crores (2019)
  • Language spoken: English , french
  • Population growth rate - 1.2% annual change ‎(2017)
  • Gross domestic product - 1.65 lakh crores USD ‎(2017)
  • GDP per capita - 45,032.12 USD ‎(2017)
Cost of living in Canada

House rent

  • Paying guest - 400$-750$
  • Shared apartment - 600$-1000$
  • Basement - 1000$-1400$
  • Apartment - 900$-2000$
  • Ownhouse - 1500$-2000$
  • Detached house - 1900$-3500$

Rest the rent also depends on the faclilities like location near metro, location near market and facilties provided


  • TTC
  • Single ticket- 3.25$
  • Weekly passes- 43$
  • Monthy passes- 146$
  • 1 year pass- 134$


  • Mobile bill- 35$-60$
  • Internet bills- 50$-90$
  • Elecricity , gas or water billes - 50$-100$


  • Per person per week
  • Home made food - 40$-75$
  • Restaurant once a week - $30

Gym - 30$- 55$

Movies - 10$- 25$

Total Cost

  • 1000$- 2500$ per month
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Canada Permanent Residency(Canada PR Visa)

For those Indians, who are looking for the perfect country to move to, your search ends in Canada. Acquiring Canada PR Visa can be the most admired thought for your career growth. The Canadian government has been welcoming foreign individuals with an open heart by allotting them Canada PR visa for years. With the simplest immigration policies in the world, Canada Permanent Residence is the most sought-after visa.

The Canadian economy is growing day by day which is creating millions of jobs offers for potential people from everywhere. To avail these opportunities, Canada has different immigration programs through which you obtain Canada PR Visa. These programs are designed to attract individuals with high skills and professionals who are looking to upgrade their career. Programs for acquiring Canada PR visa are:

  • Express Entry System
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program
  • Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Note: Some of these programs follow a point-based system to evaluate a candidate’s eligibility for Permanent Residency. The points are awarded based on your age, education, work experience, language skills, etc.

Canada PR Visa Eligibility

The chances of getting a Canada PR visa will be highly affected by your profile. Canada PR visa eligibility is determined on the basis of points awarded for several factors. You would need to score at least 67 points under different eligibility conditions to start your Canada PR process. Your application would be a point-based framework based solely on the following 6 elements:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Language Skills
  • Arranged employment (LMIA)
  • Adaptability

Canada PR Visa Card

Foreign nationals residing in Canada as permanent residents are provided with the Permanent Resident Card as proof their Canada PR Visa.

Benefits of Having a Canada PR Visa

Foreign Nationals Can:

  • Live, work or study in any province of Canada
  • Apply to citizenship
  • Avail health care and social benefits
  • Enjoy every right equal to Canadian citizens

Different Categories to apply for Canada PR Visa

    1. Express Entry

         • Federal skilled Worker

         • Federal Skilled Trades Program

         • Canadian Experience Class

         • PNP Programs

    2. Quebec Skilled Worker

         • Family Sponsorship

         • Sponsoring Refugees

      3. Investor Entrepreneurs and Self Employed

      4. Family Sponsorship

      5. Live-in Care Giver Visa

Canada PR Visa Process

Has we already told you that Canada follow a point-based immigration system. The documents listed below are the key to get maximum scores on IRCC’s CRS system.

    1. Important Documents for Canada PR Visa:

         • Proof of IELTS

         • Skill Assessment Report

         • Educational Documents

         • Experience Letter

         • Proof of Health and Travel Insurance

         • Proof of funds

         • Character Certificate

      2. Select Appropriate Category to Migrate Under

      3. Enter into Point Based System

      4. Wait for your ITA

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