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Apply for visas to key immigration countries, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom and Germany, etc., is a complex multi-step process. There are several areas that applicants must address to ensure a complete and error-free visa application is submitted.

From submitting visa applications to organizing paperwork, complying with licensing guidelines and regulations, etc., it can all seem very hectic and tiring for applicants. However, the immigration experts at Wave Visas make it easy for clients. Not only do we help you with the visa application submission process, we also ensure that your visa application is regularly tracked, mobile verified and monitored to ensure that there are no delays and any errors can be resolved quickly.

We handle a variety of immigration programs such as Permanent Resident Visas, Spouse/Dependent Visas and Short Term Visas, so you can apply for any of the following depending on your needs.

Permanent Residence Visa :- Permanent Resident Visa allows applicants to settle permanently in a foreign country. Compared to other countries, PR visas in Canada are easier to obtain. It is valid for five years and offers almost all the advantages to its holders, such as Canadian citizens. After completing three years of residency in a country of PR status, PR holders are eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship. Read more

Dependent Visa & Spouse Visa :- Immigrating to the country you want with your family is like icing on the cake. Some countries, such as Canada, allow the main applicant's spouse or dependents to enter the country with them, subject to certain conditions and requirements, such as proof of marital status. Read more

Visitor Visa :- We handle many short-term visas such as tourist visas, visitor visas, internship visas, etc. Generally, the maximum duration of a short-term visa is only six months. Compared to PR visas, short-term visas have shorter processing times.
Therefore, if you want to visit a foreign country before settling permanently, apply for this visa with the guidance of our immigration experts.