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Wave Visas Immigration is one of the most respected and reputable immigration service providers in the world. It’s providing one-stop solution for all your immigration-related needs. Wave Visas provides complete documentation support for virtually all visa categories, including travel visas, permanent resident visas, work visas, study visas and business visas. We serve our clients with great responsibility and integrity through advice and communication.

In addition, we provide free consultation for all visa applicants and analyze your profile to recommend the country that best suits your skills, talents and ambitions. With well-equipped process equipment and state-of-the-art communication networks, we ensure that distance does not play a detrimental role throughout the process.

Unlike thousands of immigration consultants who claim to offer "golden opportunities overseas", our professionalism and the importance we place on each client. We do a lot of work to ensure the needs of all applicants are met under one roof. Most immigration consultants focus only on the visa process and completely ignore other variables such as career opportunities in the chosen country, your culture and lifestyle, and various settlement options. Much of the information transmitted to you is available on the Internet and can be easily reproduced. You can hardly expect them to do much more than help you fill out your visa application form.

All information provided to you by Wave Visas is based on accurate sources and is derived from practical experience. We are happy to share information such as B. The best country to relocate to base on the applicant's profile, the country's culture, and other things you may need to know before settling abroad.

Wave Visas will also advise you on the most suitable career options relevant to your chosen country. We will ensure that your profile gains prominence and mobility around the world, giving you an edge over everyone else.

All the information passed on to you by Wave Visas is based on extremely accurate sources and are derived from practical experiences. We readily share information such as the best countries to move to based on the applicant’s profile, country’s culture and other aspects that you might need to understand before settling in the foreign land.

Wave Visas also provides advice on the most suitable career option with respect to the country of your choice. We make sure to give your profile a global uplift and mobility so that it gives you a head start on all others.

  1. Career Counseling
  2. In depth program Information
  3. University Information
  4. Collection of Documents
  5. Correspondence to student regarding Admission Status
  6. Issue of Conditional Offer Letter
  7. Collection of Tuition Deposit
  8. Collection of Pending Requirements
  9. Issue of the Unconditional offer letter given by University
  10. Guidance in Visa Documentation
  11. Distribution of Visa Booklets
  12. Conducting Visa Workshop
  13. Verification of all documents and preparing reports
  14. Taking appointment with VFS for Biometric Formalities
  15. Follow up with the High Commission for students Visa.
  16. Assistance in travel tickets and Pre orientation sessions.
  17. Assistance in Accommodation.